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NIKE TO DONATE 140,000 PIECES OF SPORTS EQUIPMENT TO HEALTHCARE WORKERS - Nike said it would donate trainers, socks, underwear and other equipment. Nike has announced it will donate 140,000 pieces of exercise equipment for health workers around the world.

Working in partnership with Good360 nonprofit corporation in the US and local organizations throughout Europe, Nike said it would provide medical personnel with footwear, clothing and other equipment.

Sports giant said it would donate his 30,000 pairs of Nike Air Zoom Pulse medical officer who worked in a hospital in Chicago, Los Angeles, Memphis and New York City, and the Veterans Health Administration.

Nike said the Pulse Air Zoom, first released in November 2019, designed specifically for healthcare workers.

Before designing the coach, the team of Nike goes to OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon, to observe medical personnel in the workplace. They take into account their challenges in the workplace - including long hours on their feet and spills - and comfort needed for long shifts.

2,500 pairs were donated to hospitals across Europe, including Barcelona, ​​Berlin, London, Milan, Paris and in Belgium, Nike added in a statement on Monday.

health care workers in New York City and Los Angeles also will receive about 95,000 pairs of soccer socks offer mild compression. "This effort is led by the messages thanks to health professionals," Nike added in the statement.

Nike closed all stores in the United States and several other countries

Nike closed all stores in the United States and several other countries

"From one athlete to another, Nike athletes recognize physical and mental endurance athlete's health." On Tuesday morning, there were a total of 3,606,038 cases of the virus were confirmed worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University.

More than one million cases in the US that has recorded more than 68,000 dates.

In the UK, the confirmed cases stood at nearly 200,000, with over 28 909 deaths.

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