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CORONAVIRUS: HOW CAN I DONATE TO THE NHS DURING THE PANDEMIC? - Thousands of new cases of coronavirus is still being published every day in the UK, coupled with hundreds of deaths.

The country remains on lockdown, with social distancing measures in place and there is no clear deadline for when these restrictions can be lifted.

But while it's easy to become overwhelmed with bad news in the current climate, there are some encouraging stories as well.

Captain Tom Moore, a veteran soldier of 99 years, has managed to raise more than £ 18m for NHS with 100 long walk ahead of her garden's 100th anniversary.

He was originally set fundraising target of £ 1,000, but the goal burst in just 24 hours as people all over the world contribute to the heroic effort to support the NHS.

But Captain Moore is not alone and there is a lot you can do to help from home.

Here's what you need to know.

Charity NHS Together

NHS Charities Together, formerly the Association of NHS Charities, is a central organization that supports and represents NHS individual charities across the country.

They are known for a large fund-raising efforts, such as the NHS Big Tea, that the salary increase aid money for big ticket equipment.

Now, they have a dedicated Covid-19 appeal, which you can donate here. It supports both NHS staff and volunteers.

Funds raised will go towards funding the welfare package for staff and volunteers (including food and drinks and travel expenses), purchased the device to the patient is isolated so that they can communicate with friends and family, mental health support to those affected and more.

This pot charity center that all members have access to if they need additional monetary support. However, the money can not be used for personal protective equipment (PPE).

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